Restoring this Historic Landmark

Central Presbyterian Church stands at the heart of our city.

For more that 140 years, families in Cambridge have worshiped and celebrated in this historic building.
In response to a thorough engineering investigation, it is critical that we:


the slate roof


the masonry


the infrastructure

We invite you to invest in our heritage, our present and our future.

The Cost?

$2.5 million over a 5-year period.
Every donation helps.

”With God, All THINGS are possible!”

(Matthew 19:26)

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Roof Update

If you haven't been to church latel, here's a photo of progress on our project. Please note the following: The scaffolding on the south-east corner has been dismantledCopper eavestroughs for this portion of the roof has been installed although...

The Reveal has begun

With the scaffolding starting to come down, we can finally get a glimpse of the completed roof and a reminder of just how beautiful our old building really is. The work around the bell tower is not yet complete, so that scaffolding will remain a while longer, and the...

Roof Update

Since August 31, 2021 the following work has been completed on our Restoration Project: The slating and the flashing on the main roof is 90 % complete.  Only the section adjacent to the bell tower which is covered by scaffolding and green netting still has to be...