At Central, we’ve learned everything goes better with pray. We’ve had so many answers, that we’ve lost count. Yet with each answer, our joy and our smiles grow bigger. The power of prayer is amazing. When God answers, it’s breathtaking.

Tuesday Prayer Group, birthed from a Bible Study, has been meeting 8 years. Week in and week out, year-round with no summer vacations, we are there. “Has it been that long?” because it doesn’t seem so. Time flies when your having fun!

A visitor to our group asked, “Are all prayer groups run this way?” Well, we don’t know the answer to that, but it the way we do it. We pray what’s on our hearts. If it’s connected to our church, our community or touches our lives, we pray. We feel it a privilege and a God given responsibility.

Each week is different, as our lives and our world change. Yes, we even pray about and for change.

You will have to forgive us, if we take notes. It helps to have dates, times and names of those needing God’s help. He knows who we mean, when we pray but knowledge helps us.

So, why not join us on any Tuesday.

Bring yourself, your prayer requests,

No need to pray aloud,

Nothing is too big or too small. God is bigger!

Distance too great? Busy?

No problem, just come when you can!

Email us at .

We will help you pray through to something greater for God and you!

We meet Tuesday @ 2:30 pm at the Church.