Central supports the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank.

Members of Central are involved throughout our community. Everything from the Bridges, to the Ontario Christian Gleaners, from Special Olympics to the Trinity Community Table.

In February 2012, Central’s session voted to adopt the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank as its primary local mission. 

The Cambridge Self Help Food Bank is unique among food banks in that it truly is far more than just a food bank. It provides food; but, it also provides so much more. Co-op members help support the food bank, volunteering a few hours a month and paying a small membership. In return, they receive food twice a month and the receive access to a wide range of other services and support programs.

There are infant nutrition programs, education programs, peer support and spiritual care programs. The Cambridge Self Help Food bank nourishes bodies; but it also teaches work skills and life skills. The Food Bank isn’t just a place to get emergency food. It’s a place where members find a sense of worth and belonging. The Food Bank is a valuable member of our community; but, it truly belongs to its members and it is a place where they can truly find pride of accomplishment.

As it’s motto says, it is more than just a food bank.

In their own words:

“The Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank first opened its doors in 1985; members of social services, community and religious organizations, a lawyer and several community members founded the organization. The Food Bank serves the City of Cambridge and Township of North Dumfries, which together has a population of approximately 130,000. Over 1600 families are helped each month, and 32 community organizations are provided with food.

The Food Bank employs twelve full time staff, but volunteers are the key of our success. Our volunteers consist of adults, students, community assigned workers, co-op students and individuals on work placements.

We work to dispel the societal attitude that people who access food banks are not good enough and are less than everyone else. Our goal is to have everyone walking out feeling better than when they came in. Our mission is to offer additional food products and assistance to residents in need. We work to foster self-reliance by offering educational opportunities, job training and one-on-one emotional support.

CSHFB is dedicated to feeding the hungry

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