Since August 31, 2021 the following work has been completed on our Restoration Project:

  1. The slating and the flashing on the main roof is 90 % complete.  Only the section adjacent to the bell tower which is covered by scaffolding and green netting still has to be completed.  This will be done when the top part of the scaffold is taken down.  
  2. The south-east parapet and chimney have been repointed and new flashing installed.
  3. The spire has been stripped of slate and a new membrane installed.
  4. The slating and flashing above the two copper bands on the spire have been completed.  
  5. Repairs to the lightning arrestor weathervane are in progress.  Once this has been done, new heavy duty copper wires will be installed, running from the top of the spire to the ground.
  6. Chipping of loose mortar is now complete.
  7. Back pointing is complete to above scaffold level 5.
  8. Finish pointing is completed above scaffold level 9.

The project at present is 70 % complete and continues to be on schedule and within budget, with Substantial Completion estimated to be Dec.31

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