So, what is the church, really?

Let’s start with what it’s not. A church is not a building. Yes, Central has a beautiful old building. Yes it’s a testament to the devotion that generations have invested in our congregation.

But Central is far more than just a building. Central is a community of believers. “Where two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus, we have a church.” Many believe that church must occur in a building with a steeple. Church can occur on a beach. It can occur at a kitchen table or in a family room. It can occur in a park or a coffee shop. It can occur over the telephone or online. Church is two or more people coming together in the name of Christ, to show their love for each other, for their communities, for their friends, for their neighbours and for their enemies.

What is the church

At their best, churches recognize their own failings, push aside their own biases and welcome, love, value and respect everyone. At their best, churches strive to be a community where everyone is welcome, no one is perfect and everyone is loved.

Church is a place where we come together for friendship and fellowship. It’s a community that strengthens us and gives us courage. It’s a body of believers who work together to change lives and make a difference. Church isn’t a building. Church is a family.

We strive to be such a church. We strive to be a church that puts this love into action. We strive to make a difference. We strive to share the good news and to share it humbly and gratefully. This is what Central strives to be and this is what every church should strive to be.

We’re not perfect. Sometimes we stumble. We make mistkes. Sometimes we’re not as open or as welcoming as we should be. But know this,  we are always striving to be open, welcoming and loving. And we do this by striving to put the love and the teachings of God our father, and Jesus Christ his son at the core of our faith.

Welcome to Central! Come and see!