Lead Pastor

Aubrey Botha

Office Administrator

Debbie McKevitt

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Kerri Beda

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Stephanie Armstrong

Clerk of Session

Lynda Pinnington


Sandy Barrie – Central Cares
Garry Bell
Aubrey Botha РModerator 
Pat Couttie – Chair Administration
Lorna From
Greg Gowing
Bruce Jones – Chair Leading with Care
Margaret Macnamara
Denise McClellan – Chair Missions & Outreach
Alexander McIlwraith – Chair Worship
Alistair McIlwraith – Use of Church
Dawn McIlwraith
Lynda Pinnington – Clerk of Session
Petronella Read
John Saliba
Doris Taylor
Horst Wohlgemut
Sharon Wohlgemut – Chair Communication

Board of Managers

Peter Goudy – Chair of Board
Ted Brown – Secretary
Alan Sutton – Treasurer
Barbara Barrie – Use of Church
Scott Sipa – Personnel
George Barrie
Sandy Barrie – Property
John Saliba
Garry Bell