A winter's night

February 12

This week, we start our journey through the Book of Esther. In Esther:1, we look at times when God seems silent.

Taking a stand

February 26

This week, we look at the cost of taking a stand. Our passage this week is Esther:2


March 5

This week, we continue our exploration of the Book of Esther with our look at chapter 2. Faith in a Faithless world isn’t easy. Here we start by looking at how people set aside their faith and we look at what is lost when we do this.

Speaking up

March 12

Last week, we looked what it looks like to stand up for your faith. This week, we look at what it looks like to take the next step, to speak out. Our passage this week is Esther 3

Quite a road

March 19

God is with us always and his hand is always there even when we feel alone. This week we look at how God flipped the script as we look at Esther 4-5

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