A Fresh Start

Happy New Year

Sometimes, we all need to stand back and take stock of where we’re at. With this new year, maybe it’s time to do just that. With our series “Fresh Start” we will do just that and we invite you to also. 


January 7 

Start Trusting

This week, we start our series “Starting Fresh”. We explore how to learn to trust as we look at Psalm 23:3 from the NIV and Colossians 3:3 from the Message.

Where should i go

January 14

Where do you Go?

This week we continue our series “A Fresh Start” as we explore “Where do you go?”. Our passages this week are Psalm 23:4, Luke 22:39-44 (NCV)

Follow me

January 21

The God who Follows You

This week, we complete our series “Starting Fresh”. We look at “The God who Follows You” as we examine Psalm 23:6 (NKJ) Aubrey’s sermon references the Hound of Heaven. Here’s a link to it: http://www.houndofheaven.com/poem

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