The Pyramids
The pyramids

October 9

Where is your Egypt? This is the question we explore as we start our journey through the book of Exodus. Our passage this week is Exodus 1:6-22

Where is your egypt

October 16

This week, the second in our series “Out of Egypt”, we continue our investigation of what our “Egypt” looks like as we explore Moses’ attempt to negotiate with God. Our passage this week comes from Exodus 3.

A helping hand

October 30

This week, we continue our series with an investigations of how God prepares us for the freedom he offers. Our passages this week are Exodus 6:2,5-8, John 8:34 and Exodus 14:5-6

What do you worship?

November 6

This week, we end our series by looking at what we put at the center of our lives. What idols do we worship? Our passages this week are from Exodus 20:1-3 and Exodus 32:1-4

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