In this series, we explore what it means to follow Christ. Jesus never called us to become Christians. He called us to follow him, to learn from him and experience the love of God.

Who are you following

October 24

Who are you Following?

This week, we look at Matthew 9:9-13.
Jesus can call anyone and when he does, his call is an invitation.

Get up

October 31

Get Up!

When Jesus calls us to follow him, he will ask us to grow, to learn and to act. It’s not always easy, but it’s always rewarding.

This week, we look at Luke 5:1-11.

Going out of business

November 7

Going out of Business

Who might you suspect is going out of business? And why?
This week, we explore that question as we look at several passages:
Luke 9:1-5, Luke 10:1-4 and Luke 10:17-18

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