After School

This article was originally posted November 5, 2009. The story it tells serves as a reminder to all of us who still have our fathers around that we are so fortunate to be able to tell them how much we truly love them.

One afternoon at Rachel’s Home classes had been let out for the day, and I found myself surrounded by children. We were seated in a circle sharing stories. The children asked me about my family. I described my home and family, and showed pictures of my family I had brought with me.

The children carefully passed the pictures around the circle, while asking questions about the members of my family, and cheering when they found my face in a photo, shouting, “There’s you!” When my family’s Christmas photo reached Thuso, a clever, 7 year old boy he asked, “Your father is not dead?” I answered, “No, my father is not dead.” Thuso looked confused and shocked.

I realized every child sitting in the circle had lost their father, I was the minority in the group; I had a father.

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