It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since a crazy South African answered the call from God to lead our community of believers at Central.

This is his story, and ours.

Ten years ago, a South African minister brought his family to Cambridge. He came here to answer a call from God, a call to build a better life for his family and a call to build on the foundations of a historic congregation.

It was an immense challenge. He was a stranger in a strange land. There were so many customs that were so different from his native South Africa. Life would be so different in this new land. In many ways this is a typical immigrant story. A family leaves behind everything and everyone they know to move to a new land to build a new life.

But, this story has a twist.

As a Minister, Aubrey was immediately thrust into leadership roles. He would have to guide the spiritual growth of a congregation of strangers.

This is also a story about the love and generosity of a congregation of believers.  Central took Aubrey and Elsie to their hearts. The congregation patiently supported Aubrey and Elsie as they grew into their roles and found their way.

Through Aubrey’s teachings and his love and support, Central also grew both in faith and in numbers. Central also began to look beyond its walls and to take on new challenges and answer new calls from God.

Whether it’s our mission to support the children at Rachel’s Home in Lesotho or our mission to support the children of Split Lake, Central has risen to the challenge and accepted God’s call to act.

This is a story of love. A young family from far, far away and a family of believers learn and grow together in faith in action and in love.

In those first 10 years, we have gone on an amazing journey together and we’ve learned so much from each other. We can only imagine where this journey will lead us next.

Thank-you Aubrey & Elsie

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