Sunday November 11th, is Remembrance Day. Our church service will begin at 9:30am, in order to accomodate the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph. After church, please join us at the cenotaph as we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and our freedom.

Many young men and women from Central joined the struggle against Nazi tyrrany. Every year, the names of those who sacrificed their lives are read out during our service of Remembrance, the last Sunday before Remembrance Day. It’s easy to forget that these were young people, with long, bright futures ahead of them. They laughed, they played, they worked. They had families, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, some of them were old enough to be married and have wives and children.

And yet they went off to a future where the only certainty was misery, pain, struggle and sacrifice. They did this to defend our future.  I had hoped to take the story of one fallen soldier from Central and feature it here. But, time marches on. There are fewer and fewer veterans left. It is unfortunate that we have lost their individual stories; but, we cannot forget what they did for us.

Click here, to listen to his story.

We do have the “Memory Project” though and one of our own, Bob Roos, gives us a brief glimpse into a snippet of time in his experience. Please listen to it and to some of the other stories. War is such a horrible thing, that many veterans still struggle with it, wrapping the worst of those memories in, as  Cptn. Farley Mowat put it in his memoire “And No Birds Sang”, “the comforting cotton wool of protective forgetfulness”.

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