Food bankHave you ever wondered where the funds go that you donate in those envelopes included in the bulletins on Communion Sundays? Then let us tell you how 100 people in our community benefited from your amazing generosity in February and March. These people are the truly homeless, the unemployed, those with disabilities, mental health and addiction issues, and seniors and single parents with young children who can’t quite make ends meet each month.

Some members of your Missions and Outreach Committee searched for all the best sales around and shopped for 100 each of several personal care items that are most needed by the less fortunate of our community. These are many items we take for granted everyday – shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and holder, soap bar and holder, deodorant, Kleenex pack, face cloth, band aids and a healthy granola bar. We thank those retailers who would give an extra discount when they knew who the items were for.

A special thank you goes to our youth who formed an assembly line one evening and filled 100 large freezer bags with all the items in about 15 minutes. A small note was included in the bags that Central “cares” for them with our contact information. The packages were distributed in February and March at the Mike’s Lunch Basket program and were very gratefully received by the guests! Thank you, Central, you really do care!

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