When I Am

In our new series, we explore how we relate to God in challenging times.

February 7

This week, we explore how we can respond when we feel that, “I am Overwhelmed.”

We look at Noah’s time in the ark from the perspective of the experience and the feelings of those who found themselves in that ark.

This little explored perspective talks about the emotions of people trapped in difficult circumstances, not knowing when it will all end. We look at it through the lens of Genesis 9:8-13.

February 14

This week, we explore what happens when we struggle with doubt.

We look at Thomas and his experience with the risen Christ, as we examine his frank admission of his doubts and the response of Jesus to these doubts. Our passage this week is John 20:24-

February 21

This week, we explore how God opens our eyes to his love and teaches us how to view each other.

We look at the blind man that Jesus healed. Our passage this week is Mark 8:22-26

February 28

This week, we look at how God answers, when we ask the question “Why?”

Again this week, we’re looking at a story about a blind man. This time in John 9:1-11, we examine how Jesus answered when his disciples asked him “Why is this man blind?”

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