Aubrey is having a well deserved break.

This week and next, we welcome Mike Waslyuk back as our guest speaker for in-church services. Our online service August 1 and August 8 will be a “Best of Aubrey”, from our archive of past services.

Mike finds a lot of joy in entering new environments, asking questions, and finding new and exciting ways to reach people with the Good News Jesus brought us. His background as a small business owner combined with working in ministry gives him a unique perspective on how churches can clarify their mission, and make an impact in their communities.  

At as a former youth pastor, and the founder of Church Helper, Mike continuers to serve the kingdom by helping churches “make every decision on purpose”. Mike is the father of Waverley and Renleigh, husband to Lauren, and a passionate hockey fan. When he’s not working, you might find him playing at the park with the girls, watching reruns of The West Wing, or making sure his garden edges look just right. 

Aubrey returns August 15.

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