Love one another

Patience and forebearance is an exercise of love and and a demonstration of other-centeredness.

Pet peeve

March 3

Pet what? Pet Peeve!

Aubrey is back this week. His sermon title is “Pet What” and his passages are Ephesians 4:2 and Matthew 7:3-5. Not a lot to go on, so I took my best guess and concluded that his sermon is about the dangers of arrogance. Turns out it was about the danger of clinging to pet peeves.


Second fiddle

March 10

Second Fiddle

What does it mean to willingly take second fiddle, to put someone else first? This form of other-centeredness is what we explore this weekend. Our passages are Philippians 2;3-4 and Luke 10:38-42.

At your service

March 17

Where’s my Mojo?

Don’t let the title fool you. This week, we explore the power of service to others as a demonstration of love.

Making waves

March 24

Holy Tsunami

Our Palm Sunday Service. This week we ask “Why?”. Why did Jesus come to Jerusalem. It seems like the answer might be obvious, but it’s sometimes lost amid the hossanahs, just as it was on that day he arrived.

He's not here

Easter Sunday

This is so Jesus

Yes, the Lord is risen. He is indeed. This week we examine why Jesus did what he did, through an examination of his character. Our passages are John 20:1-19 and John 4:10-11

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