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Stained Glass Windows
The Angel Mary and Margaret Peter

The Angel

Some versions of the story, describe the angels at the tomb as men, some as angels. Regardless, the tomb is empty and Jesus has risen. In this representation, the angel is represented as a woman, pointing that Jesus has risen.

Mary and Margaret

In Luke's version, three women arrive at the tomb. In the other gospels, it's just two or maybe just Mary Magdelene. All agree that Mary Magdelene was among those who attended the grave. Again, regardless of the version, the important message is that Jesus is not there. He has risen!


Each of the Gospels agree, that Peter returned to the tomb after being informed that it was empty. Some versions, have others accompanying Peter, but they all agree that Peter was the first to arrive. This panel represents Peter's arrival at the tomb.

Created by the Robert McCausland Studio in 1928, this window was placed in memory of the Hon. James Young and his wife Margaret Young.

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