Making a Difference

At Central, we believe God calls us to make a difference in our community and our World. Our missions are a critical part of our identity as a community of believers, sharing God’s love through service. Members of Central are involved in many causes throughout our community and our World. Our Missions & Outreach Team strives to find new and innovative ways to support these efforts.

It is our core belief that we can best make a difference by building relationships and walking in partnership with local people who understand their communities and who are striving to build their communities into strong and healthy societies. In keeping with this philosophy, we have adopted Rachel’s Children’s Home,  Go Guatemala and the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank as our primary missions.

Together with our partners, we are striving to build God’s kingdom both at home and abroad.

Rachel's Children's Home

Central supports Rachel’s Home, an orphanage and Christian school for the child victims of Lesotho’s AIDS crisis.

For more than 10 years, Central has walked along-side Godwill & Hilda, the couple that runs Rachel’s Home, as they show God’s love to orphaned and vulnerable children. At Rachel’s Home, these children find a safe and loving Christian environment where they can begin to recover from the trauma they’ve faced. They also have a chance to attend school, maybe for the first time in their lives. Rachel’s Home is a place of hope.

With our partners, we continue to fund the orphanage, the school and the tuitions of the students attending secondary and post secondary institutions.

For more information, please click here.


Cambridge Self Help Food Bank

Central supports the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.

The Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank serves the City of Cambridge and Township of North Dumfries, which together have a population of approximately 145,000. The Food Bank helps more than 2,000 individuals and families each month, and distributes food to 26 community organizations.

Every Sunday, Central collects food for the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank. We also collect gently used clothes, clean and in good condition. Please, even if it’s just one can, bring something for the food-bank. Every little bit counts.

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Go Guatemala

Central is pleased to support our friends, the Ortiz family as they answer God’s call to serve and to make a difference in Guatemala. Alejandro, Kathryn and their family,  have moved to Cubulco, Guatemala to serve the local church and community. We will certainly miss them here at Central, but we will remain connected with them and we will continue to support them as they work to build a stronger church and a healthier community.

You can support them too. For more information, please visit our Guatemala page.

News From Missions

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