This year was a difficult one for the permanent staff. What they live for is the chance to present the Gospel to hundreds of young people every week over the summer months. Like everything else in the year of COVID 19 that didn’t happen. They ran programs on-line but it’s just not the same.

Last weekend Scott McHardy, George O’Neil, Lou Visi Stephen Wilura, Ed Haveman and Alistair Mcilwraith made the journey to Camp Kintail to help prepare for winter. George got to play with his new toy – a chain saw while Scott and Lou served as his helpers. Plenty of wood was cut, split and stacked – ready for he next “normal” season at camp. Beccaa (one of the young ladies on staff) and  I stained the south side of buildings. After we ran out of stain Becca and I joined a team setting up snow poles – yes winter is coming and these poles are installed inside the three yurts to carry the snow load. Then we set up the cabin used to change into your cross country ski gear. 

We completed all the tasks Camp Director Johnathan wanted done plus some extras.
As usual the weekend is a time of fellowship and encouragement for the men of the church. Lou gave his testimony and George led un in a time of worship looking I Corinthians 12 and 13 in an interactive and introspective manner.

This year we were only six men – we debated whether to go or not – wondered if we would be able to accomplish enough to make the trip worthwhile. I left knowing that the Holy Spirit was leading us – this was a ministry of encouragement and fellowship for the camp staff – as one of the staff members said to Scott ‘ “This is the first ’normal’ thing that has happen here this year”

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