Greetings in Christ

We are doing well and the children are fine.

We have collected the food from Spar for the second time now though we are facing some challenges with the border.

We have been through a very difficult time. Godwill’s brother was very sick and passed away. We buried him last Saturday. Things were not going well at the orphanage and funeral because my husband was under pressure as he is the head of the family and needed my support.

The winter is very cold here and we’re trying all that we can to keep the kids warm. We did receive the jackets from Pep and we are grateful.

Thank you for everything


Ed. Note: Spar is a grocery store located in Ficksburg SA. Pep is a clothing store in Ficksburg. The orphanage is suffering through a food shortage and it doesn’t have a heating system. We have limited financial resources; but, we are doing what we can to supplement their food supply. We purchase food from the grocery store in South Africa. Hilda then travels across the border from Lesotho to pick-up the food.

Transporting goods across international borders can be a challenge. Hilda has faced difficulties; but, the important thing is the food-aid is getting through. It’s not really enough. We need more support.

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