Near the End in 2016

I’ve been a member of the Rachel’s Home team from the very early days of our mission. I was a member of both the 2009 and 2012 teams and I’ve remained committed ever since.

For me, this mission is where I became a Christian

Seeing Maputsoe and Rachel’s Home and learning the stories of the children there, it would have been very easy to ask “Where is God in this?”. It would have been very easy to become disillusioned. For me though, the question came from God. “Have I not blessed you in abundance? Where are you in this? What are you going to do about this?”

In 2011, Johan organized the first team to run for Rachel’s Home. I felt strongly that the team of runners should include at least one member of our mission team. I’d been a distance runner in the past, so I decided I would step forward. Alistair also stepped forward and together, we ran the 5K event at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon as part of the Hospital team.

From that point on, I’ve run every year. This year, I couldn’t be with the team. I was on a mission trip to Guatemala. So, there I ran for Rachel’s Home. I picked a route, all downhill because I was being lazy, but run I did, just outside the town of Cubulco.

In doing so, I hope I showed my solidarity with Hilda and her team at Rachel’s Home and with the runners from Central and from Cambridge Memorial Hospital who have committed themselves to make a difference.

That is why I run for Rachel’s Home.

Greg G.

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