When you donate to the Penny Project, this is how we put your money to work:

Monthly Budgeted Costs
Teacher’s Salaries (3 Teachers) $1000
Helper’s Salary $100
Donation to Hilda $20
Total Salaries and Gifts $1120
Food (Bread/Peanut Butter/Milk) $300
Vitamins $100
Total Food & Vitamins $400
Total Monthly Costs $1,520

In addition, on a quarterly basis,we pay $1,500 for boarding school fees for the 4 first-year Form-A (High School)  students that graduated from Rachel’s Home last fall.

Central pays the teachers and Hilda’s helper directly. We place a weekly order at the SPAR in Ficksburg for the food and a monthly order at the chemist (pharmacy) in Ficksburg for the vitamins. Central also pays the tuitions directly to the boarding school. 

It is still our hope that the Government of Lesotho will take over the payment of teachers’ salaries. This would free up $1,000/month that we could reallocate to food and our bursary fund to support the children of Rachel’s Home as they move on to Form-A and our ultimate goal is to help some of them graduate from university.

Education is critical to the future of these children. It is also critical to the survival of Lesotho.

The Penny Project

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