The Market was a success!

Last weekend the Lesotho Christmas Market raised funds for Central’s Lesotho Mission 2012.

Clothes, crafts, chili, books and baked goods flew out of the church hall and into the hands of Cambridge citizens who came out to support our HIV/AIDS orphanage, Rachel’s Home, in Lesotho, Africa.

Special thanks to everyone who donated to our cause, the Lesotho 2012 Mission team, and all the volunteers who made this day possible.

“Our mission team this year is far bigger than just the 30 people who are going…It still thrills me to see the people, who happily do more than just donate, who pitch in and help, even though they themselves won’t get the ultimate prize. The opportunity to see, first hand, the impact we have on the lives of Libesang and Kaebetsoe and Thuso (children at the orphanage) and all the rest,” said Greg Gowing, a Lesotho team member.


The Bakery


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