Img_3792Malepolesa is one of the children at Rachel’s Home.

Of course, this means she’s lost both her parents. To be a young child, lose both your parents to a brutal disease and find yourself lost and alone in the world at such a young age, is something that is simply beyond our comprehension. Now imagine that you can’t even say a proper good-bye to your father, because there is no money to bury him.

This was how Malepolesa arrived at Rachel’s Home.

Of course, Hilda is there to provide a home and a loving Christian family where Malepolesa can begin to heal and yes Central is there standing alongside Hilda to make sure the physical resources are in place. This is where we bring hope to the tears.

But there was still one final act needed to start Malepolesa’s live anew. She needed that chance to say one last good-bye. Last week, we helped Malepolesa say good-bye to her father. With your help, he was finally given a proper funeral and burial. It was a very sad day, but it was also, finally a chance to begin anew building a life of hope for a young girl.

Malepolesa, and all of the children at Rachel’s Home, need that chance to build a new life. Hilda and Godwill, with our help, are giving them that chance. Thank-you Central for giving us this opportunity to walk alongside Hilda and Godwill and support their efforts to make a difference in the lives of the children of Rachel’s Home.

On Behalf of the Missions & Outreach Committee


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