Mission lesotho-468-c During my time at Rachel’s Home, I taught the grade 1/2 class, and the grade 3/4 class.

After a full day of teaching, I was returning my teaching supplies to the resource centre, when Frank, Hilda’s son, gestured for me to come to the grade 5/6 classroom. The students were seated in their desks even though school was finished for the day. I asked, “Aren’t you done school for today?”

Frank replied, “We want you to teach us.”

I asked, “What would you like to learn?”

He said, “Anything.”

The children smiled eagerly waiting for me to respond. I was moved to tears by their desire to learn. Their thirst for knowledge and desire to be educated was so strong. I thought of what children in Canada would likely be doing after a full day of school. Images of television, video games, and computers came to mind.

I went to the resource centre and gathered supplies for teaching social studies, math, and reading.  We spent the remainder of the afternoon in that classroom. Learning together.

Ed. Note: The glasses that Frank is wearing, belong to one of the members of Central’s Lesotho team.

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