On behalf of the Rachel’s Home Committee and the Missions & Outreach Committee, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the evening with SMYLe. The event was a wonderful success. The kids from SMYLe do put on an amazing show. As you can see from the clips, they are incredibly talented.

Of course, as MichaelĂ‚ the manager of SMYLe said, its all about giving children the opportunity to dream big. SMYLe’s Canadian tour gave 23 children from Soweto the chance to dream of a life beyond the poverty of the “improvised settlements” of Soweto. The funds we raised will allow four children, graduates of Rachel’s Home, to continue their education. They can still dream of a life beyond the poverty of the mean streets of Maputsoe.

These children are the future of Southern Africa. It will be up to them to tackle the very real problems of AIDS and extreme poverty. They will need to dream big, if they are to succeed.

It’s events like this that teach them and teach us to dream big and its events like this that provide the little spark that keeps the dream alive.

To everyone who made the event a success, our volunteers, our friends from SMYLe and everyone who came out to see them perform and to support Rachel’s Home, thank-you.

With God’s love, anything is possible. Let’s keep the dream alive!


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