Sharon with the kids

Sharon with the Kids

Sharon & Jane are from opposite ends of Canada. They know each other and us only through their and our involvement with Rachel’s Home.

Sharon is a retired person with many years of experience with international aid projects. She stumbled across Rachel’s Home in her travels after her retirement. The children grabbed hold of her heart from the moment she met them. From that point onward, she was committed to doing whatever she could to help.

She returned to Rachel’s Home in December 2010, where she plans to spend several months helping Hilda and the children get through Hilda’s surgery and recovery.

Sharon is keeping a news blog of her work at Rachel’s Home and we will try to keep you informed with links to her blog.

Jane & her husband adopted Makalo in the fall of 2010. Since, then Jane has continued her involvement in Rachel’s Home. Jane’s efforts on behalf of Rachel’s Home, led her to a local NGO in her home town in BC. Among other things, they provided the funding for a special Christmas dinner for the children.

Rachel’s Home still struggles to make ends meet; but, our efforts along with those of our friends from across Canada are making a difference.

With your prayers and and your support, we can make a difference in the lives of these children. We can produce leaders and role-models from among them and we can give Lesotho what it needs most. Young, educated, committed and caring Basotho who understand their people, their country and its problems and who have to tools and skills they need to make a difference.

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