In January, Elsie had the pleasure of visiting Rachel’s Home to see first hand how the school and orphanage are doing. She was pleased to see that the mentoring of the teachers while we were there in 2009 has made a positive impact and many of the suggestions and guidelines our team set are still being met.

Currently, there are 50 students in the school and 4 teachers. We are also sponsoring 7 students at boarding school and 4 students at university. One student is in a gifted program and hopes to become a doctor. Our first student will graduate university next year with a degree in nursing. This will have such a positive impact on Lesotho as the next generation begins rebuilding a country devastated by AIDS.

As sponsors, we provide tuition as well as money for housing, food and expenses. Without Central Presbyterian Church’s support, education would be unattainable for these young people and they could only look forward to a bleak future.

We also continue to support the orphans at Rachel’s Home by providing milk, bread, peanut butter and vitamins. Sometimes this is the only food they receive in a week and so it is vital to their health.

Unfortunately, Hilda’s health is not good and she needs surgery. A temporary manager must be found to run the orphanage and school while she is recovering. We hope and pray for her and her health. Hilda is the backbone of Rachel’s Home and she needs to be strong.

Please pray for Hilda, Godwill and all the children. We are making a difference in so many lives. The orphans we help now, will continue to help others as they become educated.

Thank you for your support.

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