Plastering the walls around Rachel's first bathtub

Could you imagine never having had a bath?  The children at Rachel’s Home can.

One afternoon while doing their chores, the girls invited me to come along. They showed me the bathtubs waiting to be installed in the shower facilities we were building -our main project for the Lesotho Mission 2012. The girls danced around the tubs in anticipation of their first baths.

Last week, Hilda, the creator of Rachel’s Home, updated Elsie, our trusted leader, on the status of the shower project. Elsie wrote in an email:

 “They are busy plastering the walls inside. We hope they will be done by next week. The project is nearly completed.”
We completed the building of the exterior of the facility and plumbing with the help of skilled Sotho plumbers.

New desks for the preschool classroom

We also received word that new desks have arrived for the preschool classroom. Hilda said being in this room is like being transported somewhere far away from the harsh realities faced at Rachel’s. The mural was painted by the talented artists on our team.

Lunch time at Rachel's

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