A girl I connected with the first day at Rachel’s Home is between 2 – 3 years old I think.

When I saw how shy she was, I realized we had a lot in common.  Her name is Lipuo.  An interesting name, and when you say it, she comes waddling over to you expecting to be picked up.  For most of my time at Rachel’s Home, I was carrying her around or trying to give her to my mom.

She would always cry if I were to put her down on the ground or sit her in a chair.  Lipuo was always the last to get into the classroom and always last in line for food.

When we handed out the knitted dolls to the girls, you would have thought we had given Lipuo a million dollars.  She carried the doll around like it was her little baby.

When I first saw her smile, it brought a huge smile to my face.  That is how I think of her every day and I miss her.  I feel as if we are family and I love her.

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