Student at Rachel's Children's Home, Maputsoe, Lesotho

JoyceJoyce grew up, in the orphanage at Rachel’s Home. Her mother & Father, Hilda and Godwill Seforo started this orphanage in their home more than 20 years ago. The orphanage was Joyce’s home. Sharing her mom & dad and tiny home with more than 50 other children was a huge sacrifice, but it was one that Joyce, her brother and sister grew up with.

To keep the orphanage going, her parents had to scrape together everything they had and everything they could find. They did all this to help more than 50 orphaned and vulnerable children find a better life,.However without outside help, there was no way that they could possibly find the resources to help Joyce live her dream of building a new life.

A Cambridge company, Mined Recreations, stepped into the breach. They sponsored Joyce. She has completed her final year at a University in South Africa. She isn’t the first graduate of that tiny school at Rachel’s Home to graduate from University. Libuseng graduated with a Nursing degree and works today in a hospital in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. Her sister Tsepang graduated with a degree in accounting and is also working in the capital.

The young women, Libuseng, Tsepang and Joyce are part of the future that education can build in Lesotho. Each has found a way to give back and each is a beacon of hope for a new generation of young people.

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