Greetings In Christ

There is a great need here at Rachel’s Home. We are experiencing an outbreak of measles. Although our children have been immunized we are still seeing new cases. We need prayers as many children in Lesotho have died as a result of measles.

No one has died at Rachel’s Home. Eight of our children have contracted measles. Five have recovered; but, three are very ill and one remains in hospital. In the morning we will take another child to hospital. We cannot take the child tonight because it is very late and we don’t have transport.

We need your prayers as this is getting out of hand. The sick children need to be separated; but, we don’t have a room for them.

Please trust with us and may the Lord Bless you as you serve Him.

A note from Elsie

This problem is not confined to Rachel’s Home, or even to Lesotho. The measles outbreak is affecting the whole of Southern Africa.

Please pray for the children

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