Greetings in Christ

We are very grateful for all that you are doing for the children here at Rachel’s, we are also thankful for the prayers as we really need them, especially at this time.

I was looking at the flowers at the walls today and they spoke to me and I asked myself if the person who made them knew of the encouragement that the flowers bring to my life. Please tell them that the Lord used the art (flowers ) to change my life today.

All the children are talking about you and the good time they had while you were here and they name themselves after Jane, and Auntie Steph.

Each and every child gets vitamins and we appreciate that.

Thank you also for what you are doing for Libuseng


Ed. Note

Jane & Steph are members of Central’s Lesotho team. They were heavily involved in the teacher and student mentoring program.

Libuseng is a young woman that Central’s Session is supporting. She is currently enrolled at the National University of Lesotho.

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