Bedroom1I want you to walk into the smallest bedroom in your house. Take a look around. Imagine that the furniture is gone. Imagine that it has been replaced with old beat-up bunk-beds, stacked three high on three walls. That’s a total of nine beds. Now I want you to imagine 22 children sharing that room. Imagine what its like when several of them are sick with the measles.

I know, I’ve asked you to do this once before; but, this is the reality of Rachel’s Home.

The measles outbreak at Rachel’s Home is a serious problem. These children are under-nourished and they have compromised immune systems.  There is no way to isolate a sick child from the rest of children. The situation is further aggravated by the food-shortage that Rachel’s Home is facing.

We’re looking forward to summer vacations and summer picnics and barbeques. They are are headed into winter. The flu bug last fall was for them, late winter and early spring. This time they still have the long hard winter ahead of them.

So, what can we do? The problems are so big and we are so small.

God wants us to pray; but, he also wants us to act. He wants us to reach out and help them through the crisis. How? We can make sure that they have the resources that they need to cope until they can get back on their feet. Once we have done this, we can look to the future to see how we can better equip them to prevent or at least manage events like this. This is what we’re doing at Rachel’s Home. We are helping 43 children survive.

We are doing this by providing Godwill & Hilda with the tools that they need.Bedroom2

  • We are supplying bread.
  • We are supplying peanut butter.
  • We are supplying milk.
  • We are supplying multi-vitamins.
  • We are also supplementing their food supply in other ways

God has blessed us with a comfortable life, a life of abundance, a life of privilege.

It’s a huge responsibility.

Let’s make sure we live up to it. Let’s make sure we give these kids a fighting chance!

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