Checking out the quilt!

Tonight, my little princesses (God’s Little Princesses is a small group I run for girls ages 5-10) were so excited to see the nearly finished quilt they helped make for the children at Rachel’s Home. Pastor Miranda of Sunnyside Wesleyan Church said she will finish the quilt by Sunday, so I can pack it in my suitcase when I travel home on Monday.

The topic of the night was slavery. I read “Friend on Freedom River” by Gloria Whelan, a story about a young boy from Detroit who rows runaway slaves across the Detroit River to safety in Canada. The boy risks his life and the lives of his family to help others. We chatted about how God made us all equal and sometimes He asks us to risk our lives to help others.

We also spoke about “Pink Day”, which is an anti-bullying campaign and how important is . Remember to wear pink on Feb. 29 to speak out against bullying!

It’s a beautiful thing to see children who care so much for others. These girls inspire me because I can see God’s love pouring out of them.

So proud of their work!

Inspirational Bible verses, pictures and love sewn together.

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