Every Sunday night, the Vizi family digs through their neighbours’ blue boxes for empty beer bottles to raise money for a mission to Lesotho.

At 10 cents for a beer can and 20 cents for a wine bottle, mother and daughter, Cindy and Karlee Vizi have raised over $700 for Karlee’s mission trip to Lesotho by collecting empties and cashing them in at the Beer Store.

“We’re digging through the garbage to possibly get a dime or 20 cents and people can be thinking that you’re doing it because your poor. It’s humbling and embarrassing,” said Cindy.

Cindy, mother-of-three, said she this experience is teaching her children how fortunate they are.

The Vizis started their fundraiser during the May long weekend. They handed out 250 flyers in their neighbourhood and have received an outpouring of support. Cindy said community members often drop off cases of empties in their front yard.

“It has been a great experience because of the family, friends and community participation,” said Cindy.


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