Education is the foundation that every young person needs to build a strong future. For orphaned children in a country like Lesotho, this often is an impossible dream. We are so pleased that we could provide Thabang, Likano and Limpho with the opportunity to complete their education.

Last month, they graduated from high school and we cannot be prouder of them. Their hard work is building a brighter future, not only for themselves, but also for their country. Two of them have moved on to post-secondary education, one to teachers’ college and the other to Limchonkwin University to study Business Administration.

In other news, Joyce Seforo is working part-time at Rachel’s Home while she pursues her studies toward a Masters Degree in Child Psychology. Growing up in the orphanage, Joyce sacrificed a lot to help her parents maintain Rachel’s Home. We are so pleased to see her build upon her skills as she pays it forward for a better future in Lesotho.

Malitha’s, one of the orphans, was re-united with her extended family and no longer needs the shelter of Rachel’s Home. Victories can be measured in many ways. This is just one of them.

There are 12 children currently living at the orphanage. We’ve introduced you to some of them. Over the next few months, we will introduce you to more. I’ve always said that Rachel’s Home is both a story of pain and of hope. That places like Rachel’s Home are needed is a tragedy. That places like Rachel’s Home exist, is a blessing. We will continue our walk with Hilda as she cares for the child victims of the AIDS crisis in Lesotho. You can help us by donating to our Rachel’s Home fund.

Thank-you for your continuing support

The Missions & Outreach Committee

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