Greetings In Christ.

Thank you very much for all that you are doing for us.I am doing better now; thought I am faced with a lot of work here at the orphanage. We have received the furniture. We are very grateful to have this furniture and our class rooms looks different. The children are very happy with their new furniture.

Please give our love to everyone.




The Story of Furniture

We had intended to completely outfit the classrooms that we constructed. However, with the food crisis looming, we diverted our remaining resources to vitamins and other emergency supplies. In late October, we received a large donation, the result of a work-day fund-raiser, from the youth ministry at Central. We also received word of a furniture plant, in South Africa, that was closing its doors on October 31st. Elsie had to move very quickly to purchase what was needed.  The funds from the youth project, completely financed the purchase of the furniture.  On October 30th, the furniture was delivered to the school at Rachel’s Home.

We have many more challenges ahead; but, the school is now properly outfitted. When you’re doing his will, the Lord does provide.

The Penny Project Committee

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