Central’s youth assembled 100 care packages for homeless and struggling people in Cambridge. The funds for these kits came from a very generous anonymous donation to Central Cares with the very simple stipulation. Use this money to help people!

With that in mind, our youth assembled the care packages and began distributing them through our involvement with our partner, the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank, at Mike’s Lunch Baskett. Kim Yzerman, along with two members of our Youth, gave out 40 kits at Mike’s.

On behalf of the Missions & Outreach Committee, we would like to thank our generous donor. We’d like to thank our youth for assembling the kits and we’d like to thank Kim and her team, both for volunteering at Mike’s and for handing out the kits.

The kits contain:

  1. A face-cloth
  2. Soap
  3. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  4. A little snack
  5. Personal Hygiene products

It’s just a little gesture to say we care and our friends on the street are not forgotten, but God can take the smallest gestures and multiply them to change the World. Our kits are themselves an example of this. We did not come up with the idea on our own. Another church, in another part of town was already doing this. I’d give that church a shout out, but I honestly don’t remember who it is.

In any event, thank-you to those who inspired us, and thank-you to everyone who participated. This is not a one-time project. Your Missions & Outreach Committee will continue to support this program.

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