Yes, our #FillTheNet campaign is over. With your help, we reeled in 2,280 cans of Tuna, Salmon and other fish for the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank.

That’s quite a haul. Trust me, I know! Henry and I dragged all that fish back to the hall to be picked up by the Food Bank. That was a lot of weight.

We, the members of the Missions & Outreach Committee, would like to thank you for your generous support of this project over the summer. Back in May, we set an initial goal of 500 cans. I think we knew, even then, that your support would push us well past that, but when we reached that goal by the second week of July, we realized that this was going to be big.

Providing nutritious sources of protein to its members is always a struggle for the Food Bank. This fish will provide more than 5,000 servings of fish to our friends in our community who struggle each day. This is an amazing display of God’s love in action.

Thank-you again for your amazing generosity.


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