Pasta sauce

Hope we built the stage strong enough

Yes, I’m struggling to find new puns for this one, so they’ll probably get a little pun-gent from now on.

This week was a good week. With your help, we collected 213 cans and jars of pasta sauce. This brings our total thus far to 733. Not bad folks. We still have a long way to go, but with your help we can do it.

Remember to post any good sales you see to our Facebook page. Let’s keep the momentum going, so we can get pasta our goal.

If you really don’t like shopping, you can still donate cash to our summer food drive and let our bargain hunters do the shopping for you. All donations over $10 are tax deductible. You can donate in your envelope, just mark an amount for “Spaghetti Sauce”, you can drop a donation off at the office or you can donate online at Canada Helps.

Let’s do this. One can per person per week for the next 8 weeks ought to do it.

And remember, every donation helps our friends at the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank fight food insecurity in our community.

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