Food-bank-empty-shelfAs we all know, this has been a tough summer for the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank. Summer is always a slow time for donations. This year, the annual slowdown coincided with a spike in those in need of help.

Our annual summer food drive this year targeted peaches. This, of course, was born out of Aubrey’s “A Peach Church, not a Coconut Church” sermon,  but it was also born out of an understanding that putting sufficient fruit in the hampers at the Food Bank is always a struggle.

This year, the need goes far beyond fruit. The shelves are bare and the need is real. Forward Church is spearheading a drive to try to fill the shelves. Several other churches have joined them. This is what Christianity is really all about. When the churches of Cambridge work together, we can fill those shelves with God’s love. We can make sure that no one goes hungry.

So Central. Yes, let’s keep the peach challenge going. Let’s build that mountain of peach cans as high as possible, but we also have the regular weekly baskets. Let’s fill those baskets too.

Please listen to and take up Aubrey’s challenge. Together with the other churches in Cambridge, we can make a difference.

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