May 29 Update

The following work has been completed in the last two months:

  1. The sidewalk leading to the office door has been replaced with a sidewalk that meets all requirements for a fully accessible entrance to this part of the church.
  2. This area has been landscaped and new bushes and flowers have been
  3. Permanent downspouts continue to be installed and are now about 80 %
  4. The western set of front steps has been demolished and will be replaced
    next week.
  5. Pointing of stonework on the western façade has been completed.
  6. With the work outlined above, the new Substantial Completion date is
    now estimated to be June 15 with full completion to in be early July.


    Major unfinished work includes the following:

    1. The riverside set of steps be replaced within 3 weeks.
    2. Some pointing of stonework will be done under the Goldie window.
    3. About 300 sq. feet of pointing will be completed on the riverside façade
    over the next two weeks.
    4. Landscaping of the construction site will start after Roof Tile Management
    Inc. have vacated the site. Some of this work will have to be completed in
    the fall to ensure ideal planting conditions.

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