Kintail13Well not quite. In fact it was cold, very cold. It as so cold…well you get the idea. That of course is just one story from a weekend to remember.

Most of the guys came up Friday night. There were chips and card-games, snacks and of course, Sally’s famous spring rolls. Saturday morning began with a feast prepared by Stephen and Ed and then it was off to work. Bruce and his gang went off into the bush to clean up the scrub. Jack and his gang, built rails and brackets for benches and railings. Scott and his gang replaced light fixtures in the main lodge, while other gangs assembled a picnic shelter, washed windows and performed other tasks too numerous to mention.

In the afternoon, the whole gang gathered on the beach for what has become a spring ritual. We laid out the boardwalk down to the water, readying the beach for the summer campers to come.

And of course, the story of George, his van, and the concrete blocks will go down in Kintail folklore.

Yes, it was a lot of work, but it was all building God’s kingdom. After a wonderful supper, again prepared by Stephen and Ed, everyone gathered around the fireplace to warm up, dry out and listen to George’s story of his walk in faith.

Sunday morning, after yet another wonderful breakfast, Dennis shared God’s word, through the story of the Last Supper. We then said our good-byes and each headed home after another memorable weekend.

Camp Kintail will, again this summer, open its doors to welcome thousands of children from across Ontario. There they will make new friends and learn the good news of God’s love. They will grow in their faith and in their character.

At the end of it all, we will return in late October or early November to help put Camp Kintail to bed for the winter.

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