KintailcrossAs always, the Rugged Hands Camp Kintail retreat was a wonderful weekend.

We ate like kings, thanks to the efforts of Stephen and Ed: Pancakes and sausage, Saturday morning, wonderful hot lunch, and terrific steak dinner Saturday night, not to mention French toast, steak and eggs on Sunday morning.

Our picnic table crew built 7 tables while our chainsaw crew cleared out the dead wood in the bush. We put the beach decking to bed for the winter and put away the deck furniture. All the while, George and his young crew installed a new pine ceiling in one of the bunk-houses. It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun.

On Saturday night Gary shared the story of his life’s journey and his faith walk and Alexander led us in song. It was a very moving and very inspirational evening, the perfect way to end a great day.

Sunday morning, Bruce, as he always does, found a new and novel way to lead us in worship and show us a new way to look at our lives.

Planning has already begun for our next Kintail retreat in the spring. Before that, we have a long winter ahead, but I we can look forward to the return of spring and returning to Camp Kintail.


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