September 25, Central took time to thank four members of its choir for their many years of service contributing to the life of our church:

Jean Bartleman was a member of the Choir for 33 years starting in 1965.  In her own words, “I made lifelong friends while a member of the choir and to this day I refer to them as my ‘Choir Family’ ”, expressed what church is all about.

Betty Davis has been a member of the Choir for 70 years beginning in 1946. I am sure that that is one for the Guiness Book of Records!

 Muriel Dornan has been a member for 25 years and Muriel’s son joins her today. Regretfully she will be leaving our congregation and the community when she relocates to Whitby in the coming weeks. We wish her the very best in her new home where she will ‘Sing a New Song’. You will be missed!

Peggy Elmes has been a choir member since 1947 and has generously shared her vocal and instrumental talents for 69 years. Peggy never seems to be without a smile.

These four amazing women have provided leadership and dedication to the Music Ministry for a combined 197 years and to you all we say a very large THANK YOU!

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