DirtyhandsEvery once in a while, the Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington sends a delegation to the churches in the region to ensure that the church is healthy.

At one such visit, we were asked as a congregation what we thought made this home of ours special. As the speaker after speaker got up and talked about the music ministry, Aubrey’s sermons, our children’s and youth programs, I got more and more frustrated. Yes, it was all true. We have amazing people who do wonderful work with our children and youth. Aubrey is an incredible minister. Our music is diverse and beautiful.

But to me, those were only symptoms of a beautiful church, or maybe products of a beautiful church.

To me, the real beauty of a living Church such as ours was this:

Central is a place where you can get your hands dirty. It’s a place where you can serve. It’s a place where you can help. It’s a place from which you can try to make a positive difference in our world. I used the word “from” deliberately. Central is not just a place “in” which you can make a difference.

There is no feeling more amazing than knowing that you have made a positive difference in another person’s life. It is a gift from God.

And most important, if you don’t get it quite right, if you mess up, and we all do, Central is not a place of judgement. It is a place where you will find willing hands to help you clean up the mess. Those willing hands will also help you get back on the horse and try again.

So, as the hymn title says, “Be not Afraid”. Get Involved.

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