Living a life that matters, Teaching Series

The Book of Daniel

As christ followers, we are called to live the life that God gave us. We are called to live a life that makes a difference, that’s a blessing to others.

In this series, we look for practical ways to live that life. We look for ways we can be a blessing to those who cross our path.


February 27

Where is your Babylon?

How do you change lives by example instead of coersion?

This week, we look at Daniel 1.

Living your principles

March 6

How do you show your faith?

It’s important to remain strong in your faith, but it’s also import to live humbly and respectfully.

This week, we explore that balance.

Living Your Faith ... Humbly

by Aubrey Botha

Look up

March 13

In our continuing series, “Living a Life that Matters”, this week, we look at the risks associated with playing God.

We explore Daniel 4, where Nebuchadnezzar learns the dangers for himself.

Standing firm - quietly

March 20

In this, our last installment in this series, we examine the importance of staying in the place that God has placed you and continuing your efforts to make a positive change.

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