Steph is Commissioned

Steph has answered a call to serve in Hlotse Lesotho. Steph was a member of our 2009 and 2012 missions to Lesotho and she is a graduate of the Journalism program at Carleton University with a minor in African Studies. She will be working as an intern with Help Lesotho for one year.

As an intern, Stephanie will:

  1. Live in rural Lesotho (southern Africa) for 1 year;
  2. Support programs related to gender equity, HIV/AIDS and social justice at both of Help Lesotho’s Seotlong Community Centres in Hlotse and Pitseng, as well as local schools and villages;
  3. Work with children, girls, youth, young mothers and grandmothers (Help Lesotho has more than 10,000 beneficiaries each year);
  4. Support Help Lesotho local staff and participate in staff training opportunities;
  5. and Gain valuable on-the-ground experience in sustainable international development work.

Steph departs on August 19th.

We will provide a link so that you can follow her progress throughout the year. She, and her family will need our love, support and prayers throughout this period.

You can also support her efforts financially, through donations to Help Lesotho.

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